White Continent 50k, Marathon & Half Marathon

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

10361 Yates Drive North Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to the 8th Anniversary – 2020 White Continent 50k, Marathon & 1/2 Marathon!


Our 2019 WCM Adventure was another outstanding and successful Adventure!  For the 2020 we will again camp overnight for the 6th year in a row.  This will once again allow all of our runners to complete their races on King George Island, Antarctica.   During the race, our runners are cheered on by penguins and seals.  Following the races our runners are able to enjoy excursions to a penguin colony, where they see Gentoo, Adelie & Chinstrap penguins.  They also explore the nearby Russian Research base and their ornate Orthodox Church.

We are proud to be the Antarctic race with the most world records set at it, including: the first female hand cyclist to complete a Marathon in Antarctica (and now all 7 continents); the youngest female to complete a marathon on all 7 continents (in 2014 by a 15 year-old and again in 2015 by a 12 year-old); the youngest male to complete a marathon on all 7 continents (age 11); the shortest number of days to complete 7 official marathons on 7 continents by a tethered group; the shortest number of days to complete 7 official marathons on 7 continents (both female & male), the shortest number of days to complete 7 official half-marathons on 7 continents (both female & male) and in 2017 the oldest male to complete a marathon in Antarctica and marathons on all 7 Continents (age 77) and many others.  It is overwhelming and extremely gratifying to see everyone accomplish their dreams at The White Continent Marathon!

Here is our promo video from the 2016 White Continent Marathon: White Continent Marathon 2016 Video

The 2020 WCM will once again be camping overnight in Antarctica.  It is a great experience!  That’s right the 2020 White Continent 50k, Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Adventure will be sleeping overnight in Antarctica the evening before the race. This will guarantee that everyone will finish their race in Antarctica.

The CONFIRMED dates for the 2020 WCM are: January 25 – February 2, 2020.  

The CONFIRMED cost for the 2020 White Continent Marathon is as follows:  $8950 if you share a hotel room, $9450 if you have a single hotel room.  

This registration is solely for the $5450 or $5950 FINAL PAYMENT for those who are currently registered for 2020 WCM.   IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY REGISTERED, YOU CANNOT SUBMIT A FINAL PAYMENT AND EXPECT TO BE REGISTERED.  WE WILL RETURN YOUR PAYMENT AND YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED FOR 2020.  The final payment is due by November 1, 2019

We recommend registering as soon as possible as demand is high and spaces will go quickly.

To find more information click on the links below. Or if you have any questions please e-mail us. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to helping make your dreams come true, too!

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